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Emergency Medical Services

Asteri EMS
Emergency Transport

Saving lives is serious business, and Asteri EMS is on continual standby ready to deploy resources and talent to save life, limb, and function in an emergency.

Medical Transportation


The mission of theWAY is to safely and punctually transport the disabled or seasoned in life in a manner where they feel they matter and are respected by us.

We Care… Because You Matter.

Our Services

Emergency Medical Services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Business Consulting and Administrative Support are the 3 pillars of expertise we provide our communities and clients.

Premium Service

Sometimes, we have to turn down business to avoid mediocre service. We believe that if we focus on great service to our patients and clients, the rest takes care of itself.


Doing things right and doing the right things even when family members are not looking is paramount in our culture.


Have you ever been treated like you didn’t matter; like they didn’t care? We exist to change that in our community, and bring back respect and love to the healthcare industry.

Highly Skilled Clinically-Trained Professionals

Tender Care

It’s time to reverse the ugly trend in our culture and begin respecting our elders once again because they deserve it. We will treat them as if they were our own grandmother, father, sister or nephew.

All For One

We’re dedicated to supporting all public servant veterans serving our great country and protecting America’s cities, whether military, police officers, firefighters, security or public service is a calling and sacrifice that’s greater than self.

Results Oriented

Our proven track record of results will attest to how we’ve helped other businesses achieve their goals in improving business operations, clinical outcomes, staff and patient experience and fiduciary responsibilities.

"I Never Have to Wait"

I never have to wait, usually they are waiting for me and I Greg and Brandon and so nice to me!

"Better Than Anyone I've Used"

“Their customer service is better than anyone I’ve used and I choose them as my primary for getting me to my appointments.”

Happy Clients

Satisfied Healthcare Organizations

Pleased Clients


We are founded by a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business whose team is made up of people of character who truly care about the care and success of our patients and our clients.

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